From Illustrating to Love: A Sweet Fake Relationship Romance

Marley Hamilton-Shaw is an up-and-coming illustrator who isn’t afraid to tackle challenging projects. However, there’s only one thing she refuses to do: Marley doesn’t illustrate for children’s books, period.

Conor Sullivan is a successful children’s book author. Since he first discovered her work, he’s wanted Marley to design his book covers for his new young adult series. Marley turns down his project with a giant resounding no.

Conor holds the key to Marley’s dream project. Is she willing to put her convictions aside to get what she wants? If she agrees, it will have nothing to do with Conor’s thick strawberry blond hair or smoldering dark blue eyes.

Maybe More Than Friends: A Sweet Friends to Relationship Romance

How does a movie marathon with your handsome friend turn into being snowed in?

Addison Clarke has no idea, but she’s blaming age.

A regular movie marathon with Sebastian ‘Bas’ Gilmour was supposed to be over before the blizzard hit. But they fell asleep. Now they find themselves snowed in.

Addison had a crush on the best-selling author since reading his first book. But when they became friends, she fell in love with the real Sebastian.

Luckily, Bas’ reputation as a playboy made it easy to keep him in the friend category because she swore off men after the death of her husband and the discovery of his betrayal.

Until Bas confesses his feelings on day two of their forced proximity.

Can Addison keep Bas as ‘just a friend,’ or will she stop denying her heart?

Ronan’s Queen – A Sweet, Single Parent Romance

You shouldn’t be attracted to your school supply drive partner. Right?

Keira Hughes closed herself off after the tragic loss of her husband. Raising her two boys, work, and the annual school supply drive were the only things that matter. Until a cobalt blue-eyed temptation stumbled into her life and called her ‘Queenie.’

Ronan Sullivan left his life as a literary agent to start over in Point Harbor as their new community outreach director. Making the school supply drive a success was his only goal. Until he met Keira and her two adorable boys and realized he needed a queen and princes in his life.

Can two people move past their old pain and loss to find a new happy ever after?

Seasoned New Beginnings – A Sweet, Later in Life Military Romance