From Illustrating to Love: A Sweet Fake Relationship Romance
(Available September 1st)

Winner 2022 Leslie Esdaile Aspiring Author

Marley Hamilton-Shaw is an up-and-coming illustrator who isn’t afraid to tackle challenging projects. There’s only one thing she refuses to do: Marley doesn’t illustrate for children’s books, period.

Conor Sullivan is a successful children’s book author. Since he first discovered her work, he’s wanted Marley to design his book covers for a new young adult series. But Marley turns down his project with a giant resounding no.

When a best-selling horror author—who just happens to be Conor’s best friend—announces he’s looking for illustrators to turn his anthology of short stories into graphic novels, Marley is willing to do whatever it takes to be one of the illustrators selected …

… And Conor has the perfect solution. He promises to get her artwork in front of his best friend if she agrees to be his fake girlfriend at a week-long family celebration and illustrates his young adult books. But his proposal to Marley has nothing to do with her gorgeous curves and bewitching smile.

Conor holds the key to Marley’s dream project. Is she willing to put her convictions aside to get what she wants? If she agrees, it will have nothing to do with Conor’s thick strawberry blond hair or smoldering dark blue eyes.